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It takes a SWAT team to raise a child.

Janet Reno rips the Bill of Rights to shreds.
We must NEVER forget this!

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On Thanksgiving Day, 1999, Elian Gonzalez lost his mother as they were fleeing from Castro's oppression in Cuba.  She died trying to give her son a better life.   Her death should not be in vain. There is no greater love than what she showed by her death!

Now Elian is in Washington with his father. The family members who fed, loved and supported him for five months are not allowed to see him...yet Cuban spies can visit him with the blessing of the State Department, as well as a group of children not related to him from Cuba ARE being allowed.  CASTRO IS CLEARLY CALLING THE SHOTS IN THE UNITED STATES.

This site was contains a monitored message board; links to other websites that support Elian's freedom; sites where you can post prayers; and other pertinent information, including news reports that were not covered in the national news media.

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